We are super excited to announce that TITAN Hoarding Systems are now available and protecting the public in Singapore.
Our Singapore Distributors Inprodec, have been a market leader in shop fitting and commercial renovation for over 30 years! They searched the globe for the best hoarding system, reviewing countless hoarding companies to find the best hoarding systems and hoarding installation methods available in the world, and they found us, TITAN Hoarding Systems.
One of Inprodec’s requirements was to find a hoarding system that would allow them to install quality, safe and secure retail hoardings to match the expectations of their high-end clients, TITAN Hoarding Systems checked that box. Inprodec also wanted hoarding systems that they could use with environmentally friendly hoarding panels, so their shopfront hoardings would not harm the public, the environment or their staff whilst remaining aesthetically pleasing, check!
They also wanted to increase their commercial hoarding revenue so they needed a simple, cost effective system that could be used for years to come, check, with almost no ongoing maintenance, check, check, check!
TITAN Hoarding Systems is thrilled to be able to supply our temporary hoarding systems to yet another country!
Yes, this is not TITAN Hoarding Systems first venture into the international market. We also have distributors in New Zealand and Malaysia. So, whether you’re in Australia or on the other side of the globe, TITAN Hoarding Systems is here for all your temporary hoarding needs.