TITAN Hoardings: Top Quality Hoarding Systems And Construction Hoarding Hire In Australia


TITAN Hoarding and Fencing Systems are available for temporary hire throughout Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth & other areas in Australia. TITAN has the most depots and the largest distribution and installer network in Australia. So, when you are looking for the best construction hoarding in Melbourne and Australia-wide, TITAN is your go-to choice!

TITAN Hoarding Systems are the original and best in modular temporary hoarding systems. TITAN is a freestanding modular hoarding system that lets you build or have built an Engineer Certified internal or external hoarding system. Being freestanding means there is no damage to floor or ceilings and there is no ground penetration for external hoardings, even with wind speeds of up to 284 km/h!

TITAN Hoarding Systems can be used on uneven surfaces, curved areas and even stairs!

Whether you need Kiosk Hoarding, Work Zone Hoarding, an A-Class Hoarding, Shopfront Hoarding, Retail Hoarding, or an External Construction Hoarding (and so many more), make sure you choose Australia’s leading hoarding supplier.


TITAN Hoardings are available for hire nationwide including Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth & Darwin. We have supply depots across our expansive country, so wherever your site is located, we have you covered. You can choose to hire the components and erect your own hoarding or if you want the option of supply, installation and removal of your hoarding, we have the largest network of distributors and trained installers here to service your every need.

With long, short, or project rates available, contact us to discuss your hoarding hire requirements now.


As TITAN Hoarding Systems are modular, you only hire the components that you need. This flexibility allows you to save time, money, space, control your costs and reduce your environmental footprint.


While TITAN Hoarding Systems are easy to install, safety is of the utmost importance and TITAN Hoarding Systems are the only hoarding company to offer comprehensive product training. You can be confident that any TITAN Trained Installer will install hoardings safely, efficiently and to the highest standard

Safety is the top priority of TITAN Hoarding Systems, and TITAN has an impeccable and unrivalled safety history. When you need the safest and most trusted hoarding suppliers in Australia, contact TITAN Hoarding Systems.


TITAN Hoarding Systems is a proudly Australian company.

TITAN Hoarding Systems proudly supports local business. Our hoarding components are made in Australia, by Australian companies from Australian resources, and TITAN has been integral in the establishment of many small hoarding businesses across the country.

If you are looking at starting your own hoarding business, need a guaranteed Australian Standard compliant Engineer Certified hoarding system, or want a market leading product that will complement your existing business offering, then contact our friendly team.

TITAN also has trade partnerships with other Australian companies to provide small businesses within the TITAN community, national buying power. When you hire TITAN Hoarding Systems, you truly become a part of our family.


TITAN Hoarding Systems has the most experienced team available to help you with all your hoarding system requirements. The team at TITAN Hoarding Systems have been involved in the hoarding construction and hire industries for decades. It is this experience that led to the appointment to the Australian Standards committee responsible for the revision of AS:4687. The TITAN Hoarding Systems team is proud of this involvement and looks forward to the greatly improved standard being published in 2022.

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Why Hire TITAN Hoarding

Save money and space

Hiring TITAN Hoarding Systems proves economical, as it eliminates the need for hefty upfront investments. The simplicity of installation translates into reduced labour costs and the freestanding design ensures zero damage to floors and ceilings, saving on potential repair expenses. Additionally, TITAN’s efficient use of space allows for optimal project utilisation without compromising safety.

It's simple

Simplicity is at the core of TITAN Hoarding Systems. The ease of assembly and installation not only simplifies the workflow for construction professionals, but also minimises the learning curve for new users. This simplicity extends to the overall project management, ensuring that the protective hoarding component is a streamlined, hassle-free aspect of your project.

It’s the best hoarding system
on the market

TITAN Hoarding Systems stand out as the industry leader, offering the best-in-class protective hoarding solutions. Engineered with precision and certified to meet the highest standards, TITAN ensures that your project benefits from the most advanced and reliable hoarding system available.

Control your costs

TITAN empowers businesses to maintain better control over their costs. From eliminating potential damages to optimising labour expenses, choosing TITAN Hoarding Systems means exercising control over budgetary considerations while still ensuring top-tier protection.

Available Nationwide

TITAN’s widespread availability with depots and trained installers across the nation makes it a convenient choice. Whether you need hoardings in Sydney or elsewhere, TITAN’s nationwide reach ensures accessibility and prompt service.

Get your job done
without any hassles

TITAN’s commitment to simplicity and efficiency ensures that your project proceeds smoothly without unnecessary complications. The hassle-free nature of TITAN Hoarding Systems allows you to focus on your core activities while ensuring the safety and security of your project site.

Save time

Time is a crucial factor in any project, and TITAN understands this. The easy assembly, nationwide availability and efficient design collectively contribute to significant time savings, enabling you to meet project deadlines with ease.

Reduce your
environmental footprint

TITAN’s dedication to environmentally conscious practices is reflected in the reduced environmental impact of their hoarding systems. The modular design and reuse of components contribute to sustainability, aligning your project with eco-friendly principles.

Tax benefits

Opting for TITAN Hoarding Systems may bring potential tax benefits. A financial expert can help you explore possible deductions or incentives associated with investing in certified and compliant protective hoardings for your projects.


For construction hoarding hire or hoarding fence hire in Queensland and South Australia, trust our expertise to meet you where you need us most. We specialise in providing top-quality hoarding systems, including hoarding panel hire, supply, installation and after sales support across Australia. As leading hoarding suppliers, we cater to diverse needs. Whether it is site hoarding hire or temporary hoarding hire, we ensure a reliable and efficient service.

Reach out to us for the best-in-class hoarding hire that meets your project requirements in Melbourne, Sydney, Perth, Adelaide and wherever you need us in Australia.

TITAN Engineer Certified Public Protection®

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