Did you know that TITAN Hoarding Systems can support practically any type of hoarding panels / hoarding fence panels?

Some of the hoarding panels that can be used with TITAN Hoarding Systems include melamine laminate, MDF, plywood, refrigerated panel (also known as cold room panel), fire rated panel and any other panel that withstands AS 4687 impact tests.

The orientation of the timbers used in the TITAN Hoarding System ensures the minimum edge distances (specified in AS 1720.1-2010) are adhered to when the hoarding panels are affixed. This means your hoarding system will always have an even surface finish, will have a higher pull out and pull over capacity and most importantly, be safe and meet Australian Standards.

TITAN Hoarding Systems have trade agreements with several hoarding panel suppliers giving you National buying power of market leading hoarding panels from only the best suppliers.

See our installers and suppliers page for more information.

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