TITAN Hoardings: The Only Hoarding System You Will Ever Need

What You Need To Know About TITAN Hoarding Systems

Did you know that TITAN Hoarding Systems can support any thickness or type of panel?

Some of the hoarding panels that can be used with TITAN Hoarding Systems include melamine laminate, MDF, plywood, refrigerated panel (also known as cold room panel), fire rated panel and any other panel available on the market.

The orientation of the timbers used in the TITAN Hoarding System ensures the minimum edge distances (specified in AS 1720.1-2010) are adhered to when the hoarding panels are affixed. This means your hoarding system will always have an even surface finish that exceeds Australian Standards.

TITAN Hoarding Systems have trade agreements with major hoarding panel suppliers, giving you national buying power of market leading hoarding panels from only the best suppliers.

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Ease Of Installation And Durability

In addition to ensuring quality and versatility, TITAN Hoarding Systems are designed with ease of installation in mind. The system is engineered to be straightforward and efficient, allowing for quick setup and dismantling as needed. This saves you time and labour costs, making TITAN Hoarding Systems a cost-effective solution for your project needs.

There is also no denying that TITAN Hoarding Systems are built to last. Constructed from robust materials and engineered to withstand the rigours of construction environments, our hoarding systems offer long-term durability and reliability. Whether you need site hoarding boards, hoarding fence panels, or site hoarding panels, TITAN Hoarding And Fencing has you covered!

Cost-Effectiveness And National Buying Power

By leveraging trade agreements with major panel suppliers, TITAN Hoarding Systems provide national buying power, ensuring that you have access to top-quality hoarding panels at competitive prices. This not only helps cut down on costs, but also ensures that your project benefits from high-quality materials that meet industry standards.

Customisation Options And Flexibility

TITAN Hoarding Systems offer a high degree of customisation and flexibility to meet the unique requirements of your project. Whether you need a temporary barrier for a construction site or a long-term enclosure for a renovation project, our hoarding systems can be tailored to suit your specific needs and ensure the success of your projects.

Compliance And Safety

When it comes to construction projects, compliance with safety regulations is of the utmost importance. But, don’t worry! TITAN Hoarding Systems are designed and engineered to meet or exceed Australian Standards in safety and quality. With TITAN Hoarding And Fencing, you can have peace of mind knowing that your project is compliant with all relevant regulations and standards.

Trust TITAN Hoarding And Fencing For Superior Hoarding Systems

TITAN Hoarding Systems offer unmatched versatility, quality, and reliability for your hoarding needs. With the ability to support any thickness or type of panel, ease of installation, national buying power, customisation options, and compliance with safety regulations, TITAN Hoarding Systems are the ultimate solution for construction sites, renovation projects, and more. With the trusted name of TITAN Hoarding And Fencing behind your hoarding and fencing needs, you can be sure of the highest quality and support.

Are you ready to experience the benefits of TITAN Hoarding Systems for yourself? Buy, hire, and install with us! Get in touch with us today to learn more.

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