Hoarding Installation – Platypus Shoes, Harbour Town Qld

Project Overview: Platypus Shoes, Harbour Town Qld Installer: Black Diamond Projects Scope: TITAN Hoarding installed by Black Diamond Projects at Harbour Town Build a hoarding to create a community book exchange TITAN Hoarding installed by the accredited team at Black Diamond Projects for Platypus Shoes in Australia’s largest outlet shopping

Installation Video by Titan Installer – East Coast Certified Hoardings

Check out this installation video from one of Titan’s installers, East Coast Certified Hoardings.

TITAN: A sustainable hoarding system to reduce your carbon footprint

This article by Christie McCormack, National Manager, TITAN Hoardings Australia, was first published in SCN‘s – September/October Mini Guns edition. forming part of a special sustainability feature showcasing eco-friendly and environmental innovators. More than half of Australia’s companies are planning to scale back environmental initiatives to weather the financial harm

Ed’s Book Nook

Project Overview: Ed.’s Book Nook, Ed. Square, Edmonson Park Sydney Installer: Heads Up Projects Installation Date: June 2021 Scope: Glazing replacement Build a hoarding to create a community book exchange A centre situated in Southwest Sydney’s growth corridor, Ed. Square has been curated to serve the growing community and what

Bundaberg RSL Glazing Replacement

Project Overview: Bundaberg RSL Construction Work Installer: Paul Finnis Constructions Pty Ltd Installation Date: April 2021 Scope: Glazing replacement When glazing is replaced on a building façade the construction site is inevitably exposed to external elements. When the building is located on the water in Bundaberg, those elements can be

Town Hall Station

Project Overview: Town Hall Train Station Upgrades, Sydney NSW Australia TITAN Distributor or Registered Installer Company: Heads Up Projects Installation Date: April 2021 Stage 1 Stairs Upgrade works include using TITAN zero trip temporary fence bases at the top of the stairs, a TITAN Engineer Certified hoarding at the base

What is the difference between an A Class Hoarding and a B Class Construction Site Hoarding?

This is a great question and one we get a lot. A Class Hoarding (otherwise known as Type A Hoarding or Class A Hoarding) is designed to secure the perimeter of a construction site to prevent unauthorised access, to protect the public from construction works and to provide privacy. An


Some hoarding companies advertise that ‘snaking’ is bad, so we asked an expert Structural Engineer. Here is what they said: The movement of a counterweighted hoarding out of original alignment over time is sometimes referred to as ‘snaking’. This happens when a flexible hoarding system responds to loads such as


TITAN installed 480Lm over 4 levels of a trading shopping centre to form a large construction site isolated and protected by up to 4 metres high of Australian engineer certified TITAN hoarding.