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TITAN Hoarding Systems are available to Buy and Hire Australia wide and if you need a full installation service, we can arrange that too!

With depots around Australia and a large network of Distributors and TITAN Trained Installers located in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth, Canberra, Darwin, and most regional areas around Australia, TITAN Hoardings can help with all your protective hoarding requirements.

TITAN Hoarding Systems are Australian Engineer Certified and compliant with the latest AS 4687:2022. Their freestanding design means there is zero damage to floors and ceilings and zero need for ground penetration. TITAN’s modular design means they are suitable for uneven ground surfaces and can even be used on stairs!

What Are Protective Hoardings And What Purpose Do They Serve?

Protective hoardings, exemplified by TITAN Hoarding Systems, are essential structures designed to serve a dual purpose in various environments. These robust barriers act as a protective shield, safeguarding both the public and the surrounding infrastructure during construction, renovations or events.

Primarily engineered with safety in mind, protective hoardings create a secure perimeter around construction sites, preventing unauthorised access and ensuring public safety. Titan Construction and Building Hoarding solutions from TITAN Hoarding Systems go beyond the conventional, offering an unmatched level of versatility and adaptability.

But, it doesn’t stop there! Our hoardings also serve as a visual barrier, shielding ongoing construction activities from the public eye and maintaining an aesthetically pleasing environment. Our commitment to simplicity and safety ensures that our hoarding systems, certified and exceed the latest standards, provide peace of mind without compromising structural integrity.

Whether in busy urban areas or outdoor settings facing challenging weather conditions, TITAN Hoarding Systems’ freestanding designs and external configurations meet the highest standards. Protective hoardings are not just physical barriers but integral components in the construction landscape, promoting safety, security, and a visually satisfying environment.

When you are looking for hoarding companies near you, Titan Hoarding and Fencing is the company you can rely on!

Benefits Of TITAN Hoardings Systems

  • Simplicity And Safety

Using standard 70 × 45 MGP10 timbers with zero rear or cross bracing required, TITAN Hoarding Systems are the most simple and safe Engineer Certified A-class protective Hoardings available. A-Class Hoarding is differentiated from B-Class Hoarding as it does not provide overhead protection to the public, with A-Class Hoardings being the most common form of hoardings used in Australia. TITAN Hoarding Systems are the market leader when it comes to hoardings, offering a wide variety of sizes and configurations suitable to a vast range of applications including construction sites, retail settings, advertising billboards, display hoarding walls and more.

  • Versatility In Applications

Need outdoor hoarding? No problem! TITAN Hoarding Systems offers freestanding external protective hoarding and barrier configurations designed to withstand wind speeds of up to 284 km/h. TITAN Hoarding Systems is renowned as the most capable freestanding hoarding system globally.

TITAN Hoarding Systems empowers construction sites, airports, railway stations, hospitals, schools, developments, retailers, builders, shopfitters, events, and existing or aspiring Hoarding companies to construct or have constructed an Engineer Certified internal or external A-Class Hoarding, be it permanent or temporary fence or barrier.

TITAN Hoarding Systems enables Construction Sites, Airports, Railway Stations, Hospitals, Schools, Developments, Retailers, Builders, Shopfitters, the Public and existing or aspiring Hoarding companies to build or have built an Engineer Certified internal or external A Class Hoarding permanent or temporary fence or barrier.

  • Easy Assembly

The easy assembly of TITAN Protective Hoardings revolutionises project timelines and efficiency. The straightforward and hassle-free installation process not only saves valuable time, but also minimises labour costs, making TITAN the go-to choice for projects with tight schedules.

The modularity of TITAN Hoarding Systems, coupled with their freestanding design and lack of rear or cross bracing requirements, ensures that assembling these protective barriers is a swift and uncomplicated task. TITAN’s commitment to simplicity in design and assembly empowers construction sites, retail spaces and various applications to establish protective barriers efficiently, providing a seamless experience from planning to execution.

Why Choose Titan Hoardings?

Choosing Titan Hoardings is a decision grounded in a commitment to unparalleled quality, innovation and reliability in the realm of protective hoardings. As a market leader and the go-to provider for site hoarding solutions, Titan Hoarding Systems distinguishes itself through a blend of cutting-edge engineering and a customer-centric approach.

Our adherence to Australian Engineer Certification and compliance with the latest AS 4687 standards showcases our dedication to meet the highest industry benchmarks for safety and structural integrity.

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When we were first looking to expand along the Coast to SEQ, TITAN quickly provided new marketing material, passed along our details to all of their surrounding clients, promoted ECCH on Social Media and also trained our new staff with their extensive backend website material. We could not be more thankful for their staff, their resources and their speedy communication. Thank you TITAN!
Jess Rea
Business Manager, East Coast Certified Hoardings
We have been using TITAN Hoarding Systems for around 5 years. Slyco Constructions provides services to prestige clients so having the ability to install our own Engineer certified hoardings gives us an edge. TITAN Hoarding Systems are safe, reliable, quick to install/modify and we can move the components easily from site to site. Support is only ever a phone call away and we appreciate the quick turnaround time on orders.
Tony Sly
Director, Slyco Constructions
WCM Contracting Pty Ltd has been using the TITAN Hoarding System for over 4 years in Victoria. Being an engineer certified product, TITAN Hoarding Systems gives us and our clients peace of mind especially when using both internally and externally. Together with ongoing training and support we are only too happy to recommend TITAN.
Matthew Otten
Director, WCM Contracting Pty Ltd

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