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A Class Hoarding

A Class Hoarding is designed to secure the perimeter of a building site to prevent unauthorised access, protect the public from construction works, and provide privacy. Class A systems are typically self supporting & made from MDF, plywood timber or metal.

A Class Hoarding prevents dust and debris from escaping the work zone and has the added benefit of also acting as a backdrop to advertising material.

Titan A Class Hoarding
A Class Construction Site Hoarding

A Class Hoardings are commonly used on construction sites, in shopping centres, at airports and train stations or anywhere where construction works are taking place. A Class Hoardings can also be used during residential construction where additional privacy, security or safety is required.

The following Australian Standards are relevant to A Class Hoardings
AS 4687 – Temporary Fencing and Hoardings
AS 1170.0 – Structural design actions, Part 0: General principles
AS 1170.1 – Structural design actions
AS 1170.2 – Structural design actions, Part 2: Wind actions
AS 1720 – Timber Structures Part 1: Design methods

B Class Hoarding

B Class Hoardings are also referred to as overhead or gantry hoardings as they provide overhead protection from falling debris. B Class Hoardings are used when construction works are taking place and vehicular or pedestrian access is still required. For example, when high rise construction is undertaken in a CBD and pedestrians’ access to the footpath must be maintained. B Class Hoardings are designed to a minimum strength of 10kPa to enable them to withstand large debris or construction tools that may fall from site. B Class Hoardings are generally made from steel with bolted connections to the ground or shipping containers.

B Class Hoarding
B Class Construction Site Hoarding

The following Australian Standards are relevant to B Class Hoardings
AS 1170.1 – Structural design actions
AS 1657 – Fixed platforms, walkways, stairs, and ladders – Design, construction, and installation
AS 1554 – Structural steel welding
AS 4100 – Steel structures
AS 5131 – Structural steelwork fabrication

As the market leader in temporary hoardings, TITAN Hoarding Systems has bridged the gap between A Class and B Class Hoardings to provide a temporary A Class Construction Portal Hoarding with a working platform up to 2.5kPa which is the perfect solution when a covered walkway is required without the need to protect from overhead craned objects. If you would like to know more about temporary construction hoardings contact TITAN today – we have A class hoarding installation partners throughout Australia including Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide & Perth.

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