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TITAN’s Engineer Certified Shopfront Hoarding free stands up to a massive 7.2 metres high! As TITAN’s counterweighted hoardings are compact and modular, they are simple to install, a breeze to modify and removed with ease. You’ll find Titan Retail Hoarding throughout shopping centres Australia wide and we are the preferred supplier of retail hoardings to Lendlease, Scentre Group and many other of Australia’s largest shopping centres management groups.

Shopfront Hoarding

Your Go-To Shopping Centre Hoarding Solutions Provider

At TITAN Hoardings, our years of experience providing retail and construction  hoardings mean we understand the importance of seamless construction projects within bustling shopping centres. Our tailored and reliable shopping centre retail hoarding solutions are meticulously engineered to meet the stringent standards of Australian construction regulations while ensuring minimal disruption to retail operations.

‘Shop Front Hoarding’ is used to protect the public when conducting construction work and is commonly used in shopping centres & retail settings to restrict access, encapsulate dust and display promotional signage. These hoardings are known by a number of different names including: Shopfront Hoardings, Shop Hoarding, Mall Hoarding, Shopping Centre Hoardings and Retail Hoardings – and must adhere to Australian Standard AS 4687.

TITAN is the world leading supplier of Internal A Class Hoardings. It is important to establish this barrier when undertaking any internal construction in shopping centres and other retail settings areas to protect the public and the rest of the site from dust, noise, and unauthorised access. TITAN’s Internal Hoardings are freestanding and can be used with solid panels alone or as a combination of solid panel and dust suppression which gives the installer the flexibility to install an Engineer Certified Hoarding to suit the specific construction site requirements.

How TITAN Delivers Excellence

  1. Enhancing Retail Spaces: Retail hoarding plays a pivotal role in safeguarding both customers and workers during interior renovations. Our expertly crafted retail hoarding systems provide a robust barrier against dust, noise and unauthorised access, allowing retailers to maintain a safe and inviting environment for shoppers.
  2. Shopfront Hoarding: From boutique storefronts to expansive shopping complexes, TITAN offers versatile shopfront hoarding solutions tailored to the unique needs of each retail and construction environment. TITAN’s modular counter-weighted construction hoardings are tough, secure, safe and simple to install, modify and remove. TITAN can be used with an array of panel types and thickness making them perfect for any location. TITAN Hoarding Systems have been used in shopping centres, airports, hospitals, hotels, construction sites and more
  3. Easy To Install: TITAN uses cost effective and readily available 70 x 45 MGP10 or the TITAN ECO pine replacement extrusion. TITAN is 100% free standing meaning you will not have to complete any make good work. ZERO fixings to floors or ceilings means ZERO additional cost!
  4. Fostering A Pleasant Shopping Experience: Our commitment to innovation and quality ensures that TITAN Hoardings are not just functional, but also aesthetically pleasing. With customisable options for panel types and thickness, our shop hoarding solutions seamlessly integrate promotional signage, enhancing the visual appeal of shopping precincts while construction work is underway.
  5. Delivering Peace Of Mind: With TITAN’s comprehensive range of shopping hoardings, project managers can rest assured knowing that their construction sites are compliant with Australian Standards and regulations. Our engineer-certified hoarding systems provide a safe and secure environment for shoppers and workers alike, promoting peace of mind throughout the duration of the project.

Partner With TITAN Hoardings

As the preferred supplier of retail hoardings to industry giants such as Lendlease and Scentre Group, TITAN Hoardings has earned a reputation for excellence in the construction industry. Our track record of successful installations in major shopping centres across Australia speaks volumes about the quality and reliability of our hoarding solutions.

At TITAN, we believe that hoardings  should never impact  the retail experience. That is why our cutting-edge shopfront hoarding systems are designed to minimise disruption and maximise efficiency, allowing retailers to focus on what they do best – delivering exceptional customer experiences.

When it comes to retail hoarding solutions, TITAN stands head and shoulders above the rest. With our unwavering commitment to quality, safety and customer satisfaction, we are your go-to provider and trusted partner in transforming retail spaces across Australia.

Contact us today to discuss your project requirements and discover why TITAN Hoardings is the name synonymous with excellence in retail hoarding solutions.


MODIFYING IS A BREEZE: Lift a few weights off, modify and replace weights.

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