TITAN revolutionised the hoarding industry and since 2012 TITAN has protected the public from construction sites with our innovative freestanding hoarding and fencing system. Installations require no fixings to floors or ceilings, are aesthetically pleasing and provide simple, safe and secure outcomes.

TITAN, an Australian-patented product, was conceived and developed in 2009. What started as an idea became an obsession for TITAN’s founder and inventor, Greg Bloom. In 2012, TITAN Hoarding Systems underwent extensive field testing before release to the broader market in 2013. TITAN stands as an AS 4687 Engineer-designed, Engineer-certified, free-standing A-Class Hoarding and Fencing system.

When designing the TITAN system, there were only two design goals: Safety and Simplicity. TITAN not only meets but exceeds both. In terms of safety, the comprehensive engineered design and testing, along with strict manufacturing specifications using only quality materials, make TITAN the safest system available. As for simplicity, TITAN achieves cost-effective Engineer Certified outcomes by utilising two key components, high-quality hoardings upright receivers, and durable counterweights. TITAN certified installers follow just three easy steps during the installation process. The TITAN system is as straightforward as 1, 2, 3!

TITAN pioneered the counterweighted hoarding market and rapidly grew to become the largest and most trusted hoarding supplier in Australia. Our success has garnered international attention, with distributors and trained installers also situated in New Zealand and Southeast Asia.

TITAN remains at the forefront of innovation, exploring various applications to provide our clients with One Engineered System, Multiple Adaptable Solutions™.

With our experienced team and a nationwide network of distributors and trained installers, there’s no need to look elsewhere for TITAN Engineer Certified Public Protection®.

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