Project Overview: Town Hall Train Station Upgrades, Sydney NSW Australia

TITAN Distributor or Registered Installer Company: Heads Up Projects

Installation Date: April 2021

Stage 1 Stairs Upgrade works include using TITAN zero trip temporary fence bases at the top of the stairs, a TITAN Engineer Certified hoarding at the base of the stairs near Woolworths supermarket and a small site office which will remain for the duration of the project.

Town Hall Train Station 1

TITAN’s award winning zero trip temporary fence bases provide a neat, trip and hazard free solution to prevent pedestrian access to the stairway at street level and TITAN’s patented Engineer Certified internal hoarding secures the construction site inside the station. The floor to ceiling hoarding design blends seamlessly into its surroundings allowing safe egress for pedestrians and prevents debris escaping the construction site.

Town Hall Train Station 2

The project scope requires multiple modifications to be made to the hoarding as works progress which will be a breeze to complete with TITAN’s modular design.

Town Hall Train Station 3

TITAN Hoarding Systems are proud to be the hoarding supplier to Sydney Trains.
Expected project completion: 30 June 2021